<.> Sweet Sweet Trouble
Sweet Sweet Trouble
{ Nothing scares me more than the thought of losing you }
L O C K E T T E † B A B Y

나 최후로 행복하다고 말할 수 있습니다~! 왜냐면 나에게는 많은 좋은 친구들이 있습니다.

나는 미국에서 태어나서 자란 미국 원주민 (야키 족)과 유럽 사람입니다.



at my school there’s an english teacher and an american teacher and they always glare at each other and when they pass each other in the hallway the american teacher will say ‘good show governor’ or something and the english teacher will say ‘god bless the land of the free’ and both in terrible accents and like the whole school ships it


wanт мore? clιcĸ нere

important park jimbles in red! ♡

MISS HYUNA ia back!